Protecting Fence

Protecting Fence

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Rockfall Netting System

Material:Steel rope
Feature:High-tensile, more flexible
Application:Slope reinforcement

Active SNS Flexible Protective Net:

NS protective mesh, also known as safety netting system. It is widely used in slope reinforcement.

The SNS protective mesh overcomes the inconvenience during the construction, putting the method of modular unit into the installation, which improves the effect of the construction. The SNS protective mesh is made of wire, anchor line and other accessories required.

Passive SNS Flexible Protective Net:

Passive slope protection systems are those do not affect the process of the rock detachment, but rather focus on the containing and intercepting falling and sliding debris, therefore averting danger to the infrastructures and its users. Passive protection systems includes simple drapery systems, rockfall protection barriers, rockfall protection embankment.

Specification for matching chain link fence:

Wire: 2.2mm
Mesh: 50*50mm
Size: 2*10 meters

Quick Details:

Steel rope diameter: Ø7mm, Ø7.2mm, Ø7.5mm, Ø7.8mm, Ø8mm,
Rope specification: 7 strands x 19 columns
Zinc galvanized: Over 200g/m2
Tensile: >1770KJ
Mesh size: 300*300mm(GB) 330*330mm(Non-standard)
Size: 4000*4000mm
Suture rope: Material and specification is as the same as the mesh wire.
Support rope: 1.Horizontal and vertical rope diameter are 16mm.
2.Horizontal rope diameter is 16mm, vertical rope diameter is 12mm.
It needs 261vertical support ropes and 261 horizontal support ropes to
cover the 1000 square meters area.


High-tensile, more flexible
Greater energy absorption capacity up to 3000KJ
Flexible application area
quick and easy installation, less work
Problem-free maintenance

Application Area: Rockfalls, landslips, debris flows, shallow landslides and avalanches, etc.