PVC Coated Iron Wire

PVC Coated Iron Wire

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PVC Coated Tie Wire

Material: Low carbon steel wire
Features: Good resilient, fire retardant
Application: Bundling, Fixing, reinforcing

PVC wire, also known as PVC coated iron wire, the product uses high-quality galvanized iron wire and plastic materials, so that the plastic and zinc wire firmly together, and can be packaged into trapezoidal, T-shaped and other special-shaped wire, with anti-aging, corrosion resistance, anti-cracking, long service life and so on.It is also known as wire tie or binding wire.


Securing trees, vines and creepers to supports and trellises, or even erecting and joining support structures;

Tying bags for grain potatoes, wood, lime, coal, seed, chemical, etc., or even as a mail or laundry bag seal;

Bundling products of wire, rod, wood tube, cane, PVC, etc;

An inexpensive packaging for storage or quantity control and for binding line wire to fence posts or securing mesh to line wires or even repairs;

Fixing or reinforcing steel for buildings, swimming pools, etc.